Philippe Vacher


Landscape geometries

It is a series of three-dimensional studies of landscape fragments, panoramic prints where the horizons stretch, band like bows, where the linearity is punctuated by the plans, their inflections convex or concave, the extreme colors of the sky, the earth, the sea : fragments of fields lit by a stormy sky, a white ocean of fragmented ice ... Views stealthily captured, like the sequences of an infinite landscape, views from above, oblique, with a sensation of speed or vertigo. The journey involves walking across a landscape that would embrace all the contours of the ground all the while giving some clues, some reminiscence of forms shaped by man or nature ; a nod to the familiar things of our sensory garden, but with concision and ambiguity: a sphere or a cone would not in any way illustrate a star or a particular form of architecture ; they are substitutes for reality, stronger, more pregnant in our consciousness than their referents. They act as developers of a reality fertilized by imagination. Measurements of the Earth (geo-metrics) are meaningful in the outsize (the constant reference to the off-camera), the freedom of their cutting (thus escaping the photographic framing scalpel) and punctuations that mark their architecture (perceived as the addition of fragmentary elements). Thus, each structure leads to another, stimulating a new perception as well as our subjective memory. Visual memory of the earth, of Gaïa, goddess of many faces who will never cease to fascinate us.

Géométries paysagères Philippe Vacher – 2005