Philippe Vacher


Installation : "square"

Matter structure according to contradictory and complementary energy requirements. We must perceive work like the place of an organized form, expressing the energy of cohesion between the elements which contituent it or conversely like the place of a disorganized form, revealing the multiple forces of dissociation concerned.
No final border must give an account of its material reality like a reality solidified in the perceptive field: it is a space-time event, the expression of a transitory state of matter-energy and an unstable dynamic balance "complete-unfinished".
Thus a stable form like the square is in this installation the stake of antagonistic forces which bring up to date a
more relative stability : the structure becomes the alive expression of the energy interactions.
In the space of the place which it reveals with him - even, work is to be discovered, survey. It gives up maintaining with the witness a mode of reading centered on frontallté, which is essential arbitrarily on the image great contemporary vertical architectures.
It measures our curiosity of pilgrim and is revealed more than it is not delivered while questioning to be to it the thinnest things, energies and most transitory which weave the matter even our conscience.

Installation : Carré

Philippe Vacher – 1991